Premium generative cuts of delicious steak

An evolution-aided generative tribute to something most of us enjoy, our menu has you completely covered including everything from  beef steaks to  mushroom steaks, and even  lab-grown steaks

Experimental combination of Fast R-CNN with Generative Algorithms to create unique and authentic steak art pieces for the genesis iteration in a series consisting of 3 total projects that build upon each other

The project is limited to a total of 1337 pieces, pieces not minted within 24 hours of release will be burnt and lost forever, the project lives on the  Ethereum blockchain and assets will be immortalized on the Arweave protocol after minting

Total minted: 1337 / 1337



  • 1) Connect Wallet
  • 2) Select Steak:
  • 3) Choose Method:
  • 4) Choose Doneness:

  • Cook! 🔥

Your chosen cooking method & desired doneness
along with your base steak and traits work to result in your delicious cooked steak!

Project 1
 Inception


Project 2
 Creation


Project 3
 Culmination

Humble beginnings

This is the first project in a series of 3 projects that build upon each other in ever so increasingly experimental ways. Note the images above do not represent current or final outcomes of the project, they are only here as a reference giving a visual idea of how the project works.

The idea with Project 2 will be to allow the token holder to themselves become a creator by turning their base token into a new limited series of unique tokens built from the first one, the number of sub-tokens have yet to be decided, and minting proceeds will belong to the token owner. This process shall be called "cooking" your steak. This can be done by creating a new generator contract which will allow "minting" of unique sub-contracts from your Project 1 tokens.

Finally our Project 3 aims to come full circle by destructively combining multiple Project 2 creations, in theme, to create a chef's special "tasting menu". Although this will significantly reduce the amount of total tokens it should end up creating unique masterpieces and a sub-economy for ingredients. Further subsequent projects will not be attempted with this theme but developments may be made to pre-existing projects.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on both Twitter or Discord!


To develop an idea of the technology utilized in this project, we will start by covering how most current typical projects work.

Below you can see a simple image combiner (Type A), these are currently abundantly carried out in the market as cash grab projects falsely labelled as "generative art", also the easiest and simplest type of other projects:



Our project does not use pre-created assets or image combining, but instead we utilize actual generative algorithms much like the Art Block projects such as Fidenza or Squiggle. We then take it one step further by utilizing a deep learning network trained to uphold quality and shape of our desired generative outcomes. The specific deep learning algorithm we are using is called Fast R-CNN.

This allows us to both mold the algorithm and the desired series of outputs to create "generative uniqueness with direction":

Step 1

Step 2
Deep Learning

Step 3

Overall the project boasts above 2^128 possible outcomes based on just the generative nature of the generator and once combined with the deep learning agent there are virtually endless quality 'steak-works' that could be conceived, however we will be limiting it to a total of 1337 mints after which the generator will permanently shut down.

So we are attempting something we haven't seen attempted before and doing it in a multi-project series to try out some very interesting ideas. Of course we're open to suggestions and would love to hear our community's thoughts and ideas on what we are attempting here, to do so you may follow us on Twitter or join our Discord!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mint these and how many can I mint at once?


Yes, you can easily mint these upon launch by clicking the bright red MINT button located at multiple places on the website, for 0.15Ξ with only a limited supply of 1337 uniquely tasty generative art pieces.

The generator will be permanently shut down after all pieces are generated, if 24 hours after the release there are pieces remaining unminted, they will be burnt and lost forever. The team reserves the right to allocate up to 13 pieces for community rewards and charity events.

Only one token may be minted in a single transaction since this is a genesis project with such a limited supply, of under <14% of the typical 10000 pieces 'cash-grab' drops that are currently the norm. The aim with the price and supply is to be accessible and encourage multiple owners to generate a community around these artworks, all in all to create a basis to implement future projects and add new experimental ways to interact with NFTs.

Are the project pieces randomly generated?


Yes, the project goes further by experimentally involving a Fast R-CNN trained to identify whether the generated piece meets and exceeds quality standards for a steak piece generated by the generative algorithm, ensuring only the best cuts for the best of collectors. The pieces will be permanently stored on Arweave after the minting phase is complete.

It can fall into a special type of generative art called evolutionary art though there is no exact explicit definition for this type of generative system. If you have expertise on similar generative arrangements and would like to help classify the system we'd love to chat with you on Twitter or Discord.

Will rankings be provided for the pieces?


No, the project aims to create art and not be a fix for your gambling obsessions. That being said all 1337 pieces will be beautifully unique with multiple 17+ different traits and palettes, and some may stand out from the rest including specials or glitch pieces that may possibly be generated. The images are 512x512px, and special requests to render them at higher resolutions can be accommodated for original token owners.

No one knows what the generated outcome will be before the piece is minted as it relies on the random mint hash to be generated. List of traits and metadata will remain hidden for 24 hours after the minting phase has completed to encourage secondary market assisted increase in the number of total owners.

Will I be able to join an exclusive group by purchasing these?


Short answer, maybe, but no promises. It's no surprise clubs are currently the hype to the point that it has become a fad. Being able to share and exhibit your profound love for steak is wonderful enough but yes of course if a lot of holders do support creating a closed community then one shall be created with token possession tracking.

Do I get to own any copyrights or licenses for my minted piece?


Yes, you absolutely do. Just as you would own all rights upon purchase for physical art pieces, your minted token will grant you full rights, including commercial rights as you see fit for as long as you hold the token. You've earnt it!

Am I doing any good by purchasing these?


Yes, besides the typical benefits such as airdrops, rewards & whitelist access to future projects, what's even better is that these tokens will be the direct building blocks of 2 increasingly advanced & experimental projects that expand upon them. The hint for the next following project has something to do with "cooking", be on the lookout for hints to follow on Twitter and Discord.

Even more so 15% of token minting and secondary market sale proceeds (5%) will be donated to an expanding group of climate change charities in batches, despite how delicious beef is, growing cattle livestock is a leading contributor of greenhouse emissions. You can help ensure your survival and the survival of our planet.

Who the heck is 1337BEEF?


They are an electrical engineer & computer scientist with multiple published papers on topics such as signal processing, deep learning, machine learning, and genetic algorithms, who finally succumbed to a young and passionate love for generative art and its creative freedom of expression, such that is unbounded by physics and unlimited in potential.

If you hadn't heard of them yet, you have now. Be warned, a lot more to come to those that are patient!

Will there be a sales bot and other possibilities such as collaborations?


Yes, the world is our oyster, or in this case steak. Excuse that, what that means is, everything can and will be developed as our project matures. We will start off with a verification system on Discord with private channels for polls and community ideas and then get to accomplishing what we come up with together. We'd also love for developers in our community to join in & develop with us for extra special perks and rewards, more details to follow on follow on Twitter and Discord.

Collaborations are often tricky, that being said we do have a potential project with great synergies in mind. We will proceed by gauging our communities interest in said partner after launch.

Still have questions? Join our Discord or ask on Twitter